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Pet Fur & Lint Removal


Pet Fur & Lint Removal

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Tired of struggling with yours pets hair which is stuck on various surfaces? The couch, bed, or even your favourite work suit.
You waste sheet after sheet of standard tape lint roller and its still never enough? We have you covered!

Our Pet Fur & Lint Removal  makes clean-up a breeze because of the double sided action. It cleans up twice as much in half the time of other lint brushes. With just one dip, both sides clean up quick.

With it's award winning innovative design, thousands of micro bristles act like fingers and grab every last piece of fur or fuzz. The self cleaning base uses its own micro bristles to brush Pet Fur & Lint Removal clean, then just remove the base clip to empty!

Pet Fur & Lint Removal trumps other annoying tape rollers that need so many sheets, or regular lint brushes that are hard to clean!

If you have a pet, you will absolutely love this product and will recommend it to other pet owners.
You can tackle fur problem at your home with this pet hair removal device.
We will even add an extra smaller brush for free for you travels - its size makes it perfect to carry around.

Here is a test of this product that was done by WHNT19 news: