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Dog Fetch Harness


Dog Fetch Harness

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If you ever wanted to see your dogs perspective on the world or perhaps just wanted to see what your puppy is doing while your are out of the house, than this is the best accessory for you! You will be able to place your camera on top, which will give you the best shots when your dog is running or the the bottom, which will work the best to see how your dog drinks or interacts with other dogs. 

The best shots will be filmed when your dog is in action - for instance, chasing a stick or going for a swim!
You will love the shots that your will take with your camera. This will be a totally new perspective for you, especially with wide-angle shots.

Here are other videos to get you excited:

Additional product description:

Weight (g): 215
Material: Aluminum ,Carbon Fiber
Size: 150 x 35 x 35mm