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Hair Engraving Pen


Hair Engraving Pen

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These Hair Engraving Pens are the most innovative razor using disposable blades,ideal for precise outlining of face hair, hair styling, or creating complex hair tattoos. Using these luxury Hair Engraving Pens is like painting - with extra thin blades it's possible to make smooth and precise moves and shape hair in any imaginable way - just like drawing with a pen on a piece of paper. 

You will be able to create designs just like these with ease!

UPDATE: Due to huge increase in social media attention, we're running extremely low on these, so don't miss your chance to get one!

If you compare the normal razor and this one, there's a huge difference! When you use a razor, you'll need complete mastery of it but when you use this engraving pen, it will feel like drawing a gorgeous tattoo draft on a piece of paper. It's that light, convenient and portable. Decide on your next hair tattoo design and use the Hair Engraving Pen to have that draft turns into a magical hair art!

Oh, we also forgot to mention the fact that Hair Engraving Pen will also do amazing job of correcting the eyebrows!

Main Features:

  • Premium stainless steel quality
  • Rust-proof & durable
  • Easily engrave all kinds of cool texture on hair, beards, eyebrows, and much more
  • Unique design with high quality
  • Easy to sanitize

What's in the box?

  • Hair Engraving Pen
  • Tweezers
  • Blades for Hair Engraving Pen (10x)

    How to switch and insert the blade into the pen?

    This is one of the top questions that we have received over time. The blades can be easily inserted by using the included tweezers. The same technique will apply once the blades become dull. Please do note that the blades are sharp and they must be handled with care. Same goes for applying it on the skin - be careful.

    Click HERE if you would like to purchase additional blades for the Hair Engraving Pen. Or you can just scroll down for the product.

    This product has very high demand and the shipping times could take longer than usual.

    Credits for images in ads for inspirational purposes:

    Inspiring art created by @presleypoe